About Wylde Grace Studio

“Holding onto clutter is like trying to fit fresh roses into a vase filled with dead flowers. Clutter Clearing is Modern Day Magic!”

When you’re at the “end of your rope” and don’t know what to do.

You’re simply not happy or feeling joy in your living space.

Clutter (having things you don’t love and/or never use) is like a huge energy pothole.

It sucks the life out of your space by taking up precious room that could be used for living peacefully.

It sabotages your ability to change your life and manifest the things you long for.

Isn’t it time to generate a home that nurtures and supports you instead of stressing you?

Reduce the stress, anxiety and overwhelm you feel in your living or work space.

Hi I’m Lyn!

I don’t follow the Traditional Feng Shui’s rule-heavy, patriarchal approaches. 

In the early 90’s, I idly picked up a magazine in a dismal waiting room (while imagining how I would make it brighter and more cheerful.) 

I opened it to an article about Feng Shui and was hooked. 

“Wild Grace” (sic) was the name she gave to the exquisite energies and life force we wish to invite into our homes. As we do this, we awaken are own inner “Wylde Grace”, intuitive, strong and wise.

So you see…

I understand you want a more dynamic, innovative, and empowering way to engage with your surroundings. 

My philosophy frees you from stringent guidelines, inviting you to collaborate and tap into your own intuition.

I offer a holistic transformation that extends from your physical spaces to your inner self. 

My divine feminine, heart-centered approach goes beyond mere aesthetics to touch upon the essence of who you are.

My multifaceted approach includes: 

  • Declutter and optimize for emotional resonance
  • Work side-by-side to bag what goes and organize what stays
  • Move furniture so your room(s) flow
  • Offer practical solutions to improve your quality of life

If you’re looking to get unstuck from your space or are ready to release the overwhelm and simply feel JOY in your space, let’s chat and see how I can help you.